Lightsaber Choreography Competition

"LCC is an annual event online where the coolest people in the world gather their forces, a few sticks, and a camera, and pretend (or so I hope) to beat each other up in an attempt to win over the approval of the internet."

Tim Sazama

  • lcc-12-gta-vs-sd-small

    Grand Theft Auto VS Sleeping Dogs

    1st Place – LCC XII What would happen if Wei Shen of Sleeping Dogs crossed paths with CJ of San Andreas? What would happen if they both had lightsabers? Watch our fight to find out! …

  • lcc-12-fight-inside-2-small

    The Fight Inside 2

    2nd Place – LCCXII Here it is, my entry in the 12th Annual Lightsaber Choreography Contest! Enjoy!

  • lcc12-bait-switch-small

    Bait & Switch

    3rd Place – LCC XII


    Summer 2014

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